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Overseas Parcel

This morning a parcel arrived, from The United States of America.

Jakes_World, from flickr and now sent me another gift, this time containing, an old 127 film camera and rollof 127 film, a Vivitar Minidigital Camera and a CD.

Thanks again, jakes_world, your kindness knows no bounds.

One day, rest assured, there will be some form of publication from this camera whether it be an exhibition, book or some other form of publishing, well see.

The viewfinder on this and similar cameras has a real other worldly feel to it, and of course these lenses produce images that have a look about them that is just unique and difficult to reproduce.

Given the number of overseas parcels I've received over the last 4 or 5 years, I can't help wondering what impact the internet has had on the postal service.

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