Better Late Than Never?

A word of Thanks to Elisabeth, Artelisa, on flickr and ipernity for organising an Exhibition called, When your beauty is also my international semantic experiment in photography, featuring 12 photographers from around the world.

Here's her Exhibition statement.

When your beauty is also my beauty...
an international semantic experiment in photography.

How do we perceive images – whether made by ourselves or by others – and how do these "others" see our own pictures? Sixteen people – connected by their passion for seeing and photographing – some of whom know each other personally, and others of whom are connected only by online exchanges of photographs over several years, examine that question in this exhibition.

Initiated by and in discussion with Elisabeth Windisch (Germany), thousands of photos were reciprocally reduced to a selection of twelve from each participant: Gabriela Potts (USA), Hartmut Schneider (Germany), Oliver Nitschke (Germany), Stuart Murdoch (Australia), Paul E. Grebanier (USA), Kangan Arora (UK), Nils K. Windisch (Germany), Ned Lyttelton (Canada), Janette Toth (USA), Julia Wagner (Germany), Dario Taraborelli (UK), Marion de Man (Netherlands), Donald McLeman (UK), Scott Bookman (USA), Rainer Perrey (Germany).

This concept is explored in the form of small-format digital prints, from 12 to 14 October.

Location: Historischer Wasserturm (Historic Watertower), Gökerstrasse 3, Wilhelmshaven, GermanyVernissage: Friday, 12 October at 19:00, with opening remarks by Gabriele Iwersen Viewing hours: Saturday and Sunday, 13-14 October from 14:00 to 18:00

Sadly I was unable to attend the opening, there are pictures on flickr of course, in LichtEinfall's stream. thanks also to LichtEinfall [Rainer] for documenting it for those who were unable to attend.

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