VistaQuest Shortcomings

In my quest to exploit explore and understand how my new keychain camera distorts the world I'm beginning to make some interesting discoveries.

IMG 0469_like_a_bazooka

This little camera needs to be held steady even in bright daylight. It distorts movement in interesting ways too.

The view finder is next to useless, adding more to the idea of chance to each image.

Colour and vignetting add to the charm of the images made as well, giving a distinct holga look to the images, which is good.

Despite the uselessness of the viewfinder I made a good one here, the holga-like vignetting and weird colours add to the image I feel.

IMG 0314_wonka

Movement is weird here, a happy accident indeed.

IMG 0288_flinders_st

This was taken in broad daylight, and 'from the hip' pleasantly surprised by the blur

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