Tips on Photography...

Tips on Photography* you won't find in any book.

  • When outdoors on location, turn around, 180 degrees and take another shot.
  • Shoot one Vertical and one horizontal.
  • ALWAYS use a lens hood.
  • Everything in photography doubles and halves.
  • Old photos look sepia by accident.
  • What you exclude in your shot is as important as what you include.
  • There is little point in shooting after 10.00 am in summer and before 3.00 pm.
  • The light in Australia is 'different' to other parts of the world.
  • Your best images will often be made when you are alone.
  • Photoshop is a powerful tool, be careful with that power.
  • Photoshop DESTROYS pixels.
* hat tip to thomask and gregor_y on flickr for the inspiration, and Kent for letting me steal two of his, the 1st two.

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