Technological Redundancy

A couple of days ago I posed a question about technology, not only here, but to my students as well. It garnered some interesting results. And as a result I discovered I could purchase an adapter/dongle that will solve part of my problems with the digital 1990's camera. Providing that I can find or set up a computer that will run the software itself to download from the camera.

Of course even so the real answer was that the Digital camera is effectively redundant, as I have been able for many years to use contemporary film in the Box Brownie that is probably an easier option for most people just requiring some skill and practice, to master, can the same be said for computer software and hardware? Because that is effectively what would be required to get the 1990's camera up and running again. Both cameras are of course consumer end cameras and as a consequence, but the differences in attitude in manufacture I feel are huge.

In other news, I was recently sent a VistaQuest keychain camera, adding another Lo-Fi device to my list of experiments that I'm dabbling in.

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