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Popped in to my Ipernity.com account last night, and to my delight discovered that they at last have groups. So naturally I started my own. No surprises on the idea behind it, it's a Lo-Fi camera group.

From the team at Ipernity themselves:-

Note: This is a very first release of Groups. We'll enhance of course this feature during the next weeks. We invite you to visit from time to time our Blog, where you'll find all the news about ipernity.

So I also joined a smattering of others as well.

How I will cope between flickr and ipernity is another issue to consider.

This forming of groups got me thinking, as many will be duplicates of existing flickr groups I'm sure, about the social fabric of online communities, and how they appear to mimic real life in terms of dissent and disagreement, except that when folks feel disaffected in online and web 2.0 communities, they simply move on and set up another community.

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