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Yesterday, at work we were fortunate to have a professional development session given to us by Les Walkling. Les is a lecturer in the fine art department at R.M.I.T, a former lecturer of mine and several other staff and a friend and mentor. He covered many issues relative to digital capture, exposure, processing, digital noise, and the idea of camera craft and post production.

My notes are scattered, he talks very quickly, and all I can offer at the moment is that, the two best options available to process raw, are, Capture One, and Raw Developer, sadly Raw Developer is a Mac only app, and Capture One, does not YET handle the open source DNG file format. He did however show us how to create a camera profile using a Photoshop action and Gretag Macbeth target. As Raw developer is only $125 US, I will begin experimenting with that probably over the term break, coincidentally it is made by a software engineer who was formerly an employee of Capture One. Les also recommended software like iView Media Pro as it is a 'Cataloger' over Bridge which is an image 'Browser'.

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