Measuring & Judging an Image on Screen

Is this image too dark?

I was recently asked by a friend from flickr if I could look at an image of hers and see if it was too dark. A quick visit to photoshop, and using the colour sampler tool proved that it wasn't, for the screen. However if I was to try and print this image yes some areas would fall off to darkness and probably be unacceptable as an image.

Curves Adjustment

Big deal I hear both my readers say, or is that 3 now? Well given that anecdotally, the majority of images are made these days to be seen on screen exposure and contrast are the least of most people's worries. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Personally I'm not sure?

Not wanting to get into a High versus Low Art argument, I like the fact that many many more people are exploring their lives and worlds using cameras of all shapes and forms. How to judge the merits of these images though?

None of course are worthless. everyone presses the button at the moment they do for SOME reason.

Unfortunately, technique forms a part of 'judgement' of an image from many levels. And of course people have their own means of 'measuring' these values, often, based on their own knowledge and experience, and their own willingness to 'ask questions' of themselves and the images they find interesting.

All this will hopefully mean more and more folks WILL ask some questions and seek answers, a positive thing me.

This is the slightly tweaked version.

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