Six Seven Things I Like About Using Flickr

My recent write-up on Photo sharing sites and their communities, seems to have struck quite a chord with several people. One comment suggested the tone was slightly downbeat as far as flickr was concerned, so in the interests of giving a fair and balanced view of life in a Photo-sharing community, here's 6 7 things I like about flickr.

  1. Visitors, I have far more people 'see' my photography in the short time online than I could have ever imagined in a real gallery around Melbourne, unless I made it 'big' and got to show in the NGV.
  2. Community, there is still a real sense of ownership and community amongst many of the users of flickr, something that is in some ways immeasurable and somewhat ephemeral, but definitely value added for sure.
  3. Other Photographers, I'm still astounded by the depth and breadth of talent out there, it always has and will continue to be a real humbling and grounding experience, for me.
  4. Connections, I have connected, albeit in a somewhat cyberspace kind of way, with several people who I would never have encountered. Not to mention, in Melbourne I have actually physically met people who also, I never would have an opportunity to meet. This enabled me to have a group show/exhibition, again not possible without all the other people's support and participation. Some of these people have had skills that were also applicable to the web in general, and services too*.
  5. Skills improvement, my use of and application of the technologies that drive web sites has grown and improved, as well as my confidence to use and apply them. I feel my writing has also improved as well.
  6. Fun, I still manage today to spend many hours having fun with other contacts in and around flickr, on a daily basis. So, as far as value for money is concerned, well it's true value there's no doubt.
  7. The interface, is so simply and yet so well thought out, it may have taken a while to get to know my way around, but in other sites site that I've looked at since this one is just so graceful, simple and elegant.

*A big hat tip to Andrew for all his help, I am indebted in far too many ways to even count, thanks again.

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