See that button, shall we push it and see?

Today we had a Professional Development day, at work. Ian Lobb a former lecturer at RMIT, maker of "Lobster" the colour tool for perceptual colour editing in Photoshop, and a wonderful artist, talked at length, about several things. Empiricism in today's and yesterday's photography -editing in hue, saturation brightness mode was one of them.

It's an issue that has been hovering in my mind for some time.

Given the ease that images can be made using a digital camera, why would one even contemplate editing an image, to accurately represent your own vision, never mind the problems that Photoshop present in terms of visual perception and colour.

Well I had big plans to write something in-depth here, but my head is still awash with so many ideas and my jumbled notes just still too fresh to make a great deal of sense. However the whole day has helped me clarify issues regarding photoshop raw capture and workflow in my mind a little better. At the very least I got to hear that others were wondering about issues of education photography and digital. Hopefully, we will be able to produce students who, think and work with files in a way that empowers them to understand what it is they are doing beyond pushing buttons and buttons alone.

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