Photography Prize Shortlist Announced

The William & Winifred Bowness Photography Prize shortlist has been announced[pdf file]. Needless to say I'm not on it.

However, I'm always pleased to see the diversity of approaches to image making that still exists.

The list itself reads a bit like a who's who of Australian and in particular Melbourne Photo Artists, congrats to Joyce Evans for being shortlisted in particular, one of Melbourne's earliest Photo Art Practitioners, and longest patrons.

What I find the most interesting is the amount of output isn't as biased towards Digital as I would have thought. It seems artists are still enamoured by the richness of the wet process. I'm looking forward to the exhibition in September.

Image by, Damian DILLON Desolation Row #18 2007 Lambda print 76.2 x 127cm, used here without permission.

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