Currently I have several boxes containing a couple of hundred Cd's of images. Finding images at this point is not too difficult a task, but what of in the future say 10 years time, what if CD readers become unusable antiques? What happens if I hit the hundreds of millions mark down the track, currently I have shot 3,000 images on my Sony Ericcson since October already?

I recently had lunch with a friend who is employed by Museum Victoria, and the current project she is working on is, Digital Asset management. Our brief discussion got me thinking about these issues down the track. Currently I use a date system and iView Media Pro, with a small level of manual input on my part. Will this serve me in the future? Currently my negative filing system is similar. A system I've been using for 20 years, which works well, as I find the process of sitting down and flipping through proof sheets, rewarding, therapeutic, and educational. Scrolling through screen after screen of thumbnails is more immediate, yet, less 'contemplative'. The immediacy of the screen seems to affect the way I think about my images. It can get frustrating trying to find and elusive image, but this problem hasn't occurred to me since, I upgraded to the pro version of iViewmedia pro.

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