Why Does the Question Need to be so Digital?

Joerg* over at Conscientious, has an interesting interview with, a photographer called,Todd Hido.

I particularly like this quote:-

The digital process just cannot seem to represent the subtly of some of my prints. In fact I have noticed a real “relaxing of quality” out in the world due to people accepting and adapting to lesser results**. Digital is multi-faceted for sure —it works for lots of things—but it not necessarily always better.

I agree wholeheartedly, of course don't get me wrong, the immediacy of digital is great particularly if you are publishing to the screen, but I often talked about the contemplative nature of wet analogue processes, and the ability of analogue to capture, the smoothness and continuity of the world as it is presented to us through our lenses.

*My Apologies there Joerg

** My emphasis.

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