Joel Peter-Witkin, goes Political

Thanks to Jim Johnson, I discovered that some artists, are still astute enough to put forward political views, that run contrary to popular trends. Joel Peter Witkin's 2006 piece, entitled, The Raft of George W. Bush (2006), is simple clever and controversial, things that will guarantee it's place in history. It may not change any views or policy, but it might form a cultural indicator particularly in The United States of America, of a turning point in many people's minds about the USA's foreign policy.

I don't want to ramble on here about politics, there are others more articulate capable of discussing this, than myself, but I guess I just wanted to comment that Art and Photography is capable of causing a controversy, or at least pricking people's consciences and while the painting that Mr Witkins' has used may not be as well known as some it certainly is not an unknown in the public's consciousness. It also operates on several levels, which anyone can operate on, so the point will not be lost on as many people as some more clever and self-referential contemporary art that so common today in many art galleries.

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