What a good photograph means to me?

As I sit here putting off last minute preparations for Australia's if not the world's first workshop dedicated to mobile phone photography, I want to refer back to yesterday's post. Yesterday, I said:-

"Personally I could care less. For me, photography gets less and less about a good photograph, but more and more about what defines a photograph."

Well thanks to brendadada, one of my flickr friends who pops in here occasionally, I have been thinking a little more about this.

I don't want to waffle on to much about this, but, this idea of what constitutes a good photograph occupies my mind more and more these days. By good I mean an image that conveys something, successfully, anything, but without resorting to anything more than the use of a lens and a light capturing and storing medium. Over my 20 years of using light capturing devices to make images, I've learnt plenty about these device's inability's to capture the world as WE see it. Ansel Adams in part with Zakia, developed the zone system to deal with film and paper's lack of ability to capture ALL light as we see it. I know and appreciate the differences between some lenses and some film/developer combinations amongst other "photographic" issues. Even so when it boils down to it, an mage is an image, and to quote, Steve Edwards

The image supplies little in itself. What counts is its use and the power to fix a particular interpretation of the events, objects or people depicted.*

Image making has now become even more ubiquitous than even George Eastman could have ever imagined when when he coined the phrase, "You press the button we do the rest". Millions and millions of images are made every minute worldwide. These images are adding to a growing stockpile of work. This stock pile means that there is nothing left un-photographed, if there was even anything left to photograph in the 80's when post-modernism pronounced the death of the "Artist."

This then leads me to wonder, can a image made using a lens and a light sensitive material become and anti-photograph, but still retain SOME reference back to a photograph, after all some people are still entranced by the look of photograph and their ability to translate what is placed in front of them, I guess this what I meant by:-
"Personally I could care less. For me, photography gets less and less about a good photograph, but more and more about what defines a photograph."

More to come perhaps after this workshop in Mobile Phone Image making.

*from the blog:-politicstheoryphotography.blogspot.com

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