Radio Interview

Today I was interviewed on the telephone by Jarrod from the ABC, about flickr and my interest and involvement with it, as well as how it's impacted and affected my photography. Here's the list of questions I was e-mailed the night before. The interview itself didn't quite go exactly this way, but the gist was similar.

Jarrod, was waiting to hear back from Catrina one of the founders of flickr before he decided whether or not he would broadcast the interview, or transcribe it to the website the ABC has set up for the Daylesford Foto-Biennale, in Daylesford.

  • what did you do before Flickr?
  • how has it affected your photography
  • for the uninitiated - what do they mean by 'communities' on flickr
  • is there a difference between the 'private' (weddings, births, etc) and the 'public' (buildings, landscapes)
  • what are some of the groups you moderate?
  • has it pushed you in new directions?

I might post some thoughts on these questions later or over the coming days.

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