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1st Youtube Video

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Fancy writing for

There's a vacancy there for a photography writer, I gave it a go but didn't get far?

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Digital Photography's Benefits

shepherd's warning

Putting out the bins this morning, the sunrise was astonishing. So here's the sunrise a mere hour or so after it was shot, THE main benefit of digital photography.

However, the batteries in this camera were doing strange things the morning, and the horizontal I shot was corrupted in the process somehow. Ah well the vagaries of photographic life.

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Canon Lens Prodcution

Here's a link sent to me, that describes itself as the Canon Virtual Lens Production plant.

Thanks Anton for the heads up.

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Novel Approach

Flickr: Photos from iGRRR

Found this person whilst snooping around another pool elsewhere on flickr. Not seen this approach before, but it makes sense in some way and is a change from the usual "look at me, look at me"

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pigeon poems

Again, one of the beauties of flickr is finding work by people like casualities.

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Radio Interview

Today I was interviewed on the telephone by Jarrod from the ABC, about flickr and my interest and involvement with it, as well as how it's impacted and affected my photography. Here's the list of questions I was e-mailed the night before. The interview itself didn't quite go exactly this way, but the gist was similar.

Jarrod, was waiting to hear back from Catrina one of the founders of flickr before he decided whether or not he would broadcast the interview, or transcribe it to the website the ABC has set up for the Daylesford Foto-Biennale, in Daylesford.

  • what did you do before Flickr?
  • how has it affected your photography
  • for the uninitiated - what do they mean by 'communities' on flickr
  • is there a difference between the 'private' (weddings, births, etc) and the 'public' (buildings, landscapes)
  • what are some of the groups you moderate?
  • has it pushed you in new directions?

I might post some thoughts on these questions later or over the coming days.

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The distinction between photo-journalism, documentary photography and art photography, has been blurred significantly over the last 10 years or so, I've created a new set, that I will use to attempt to explore this idea further.

This was the image that got me thinking.

The blurred bird, was the catalyst for that thought.

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Daylesford Foto-Biennale 2007

The Daylesford Foto-Biennale 2007, is upon us for the second time. I attended the inaugural event in 2005,[and undertook a workshop there] there was plenty of great work and the fantastic workshop I attended was run by Les Walkling.

This year it seems even the ABC are getting involved.

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Tate & Flickr

Flickr has collaborated with The Tate in London to put on a exhibition about the history of Photography.

According to, the flickr blog, there is even a pool, with categories, for continuing online submission.

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Mobile Phone Exhibition

Stumbled upon this website of an exhibition of mobile photography, entitled 'Visual Urban Abstracts', on show in L.A.. Sadly, I won't be popping in to see the collection of small, prints mounted on aluminum.

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Upcoming Library Addition

I buy a lot of books on photography, thanks to Jim Johnson, this new Duane Michals book looks like one worth getting.

Not only is Mr Michals a witty and intelligent photographer but the book seems to take the piss as well.

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There's been some stirrings at Derek and Heather have moved on from the magazine.

It is strange yet heartening to see such a public display of quasi-corporate machinations and politics. I did have an account there but it was never a major focus of my creative energies so I've deleted it, in true flickr fashion there is even a pool of images of screen-grabs that people have taken as they delete theirs.

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A Cliche?

Melbourne 16.05.07

Just couldn't resist this last night.

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Education & Software Corporations

As we gear up to purchase the next version of Photoshop. I can't help but wonder, is Photoshop really worth teaching?

From where I sit, education is about helping people to develop into free thinking and creative individuals. Photoshop is one of the areas I teach.

I've wondered about this before.

Photoshop has been around for 10 plus years. In the interim it, Photoshop, has become the dominant photo editing application. Dominant but not necessarily the best, fastest or cheapest.

This places me as an educator, between a rock and a hard place. While Photoshop is a powerful tool, any professional photographer knows that up to 80% of it's functions are not of any real studio/commercial use. Look at Lightroom and Aperture for example. The breadth and depth of photo editing tools and raw processing tools out there, is astounding, and probably ever growing.

Do I teach the students how to use photoshop, well, a time consuming task and skill, and risk them being curious about to how to do the job cheaper, faster and easier, or show them how to use and evaluate software that may give them more options at some point in the future, but only give them a fleeting understanding of photoshop?

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Tumblr re-visited

Well after a quick e-mail and a very quick response, it seems tumblr it self was in a bit of a mess this morning. So with much fanfare I introduce, my tumblr account


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Another innovative tool that I can't seem to get to work? Tumblr pulls all your content together into one place, and can act as a quick interface for short blogging style notations. Personally I can't get it to work?


This screen-grab, shows what you can do with it, but, the part that really interests me is, the feeds tab. Using it you add all the right links then it supposedly collates all your feeds together giving you one great big blog, automatically? I think?

And what is the difference between this and virb?

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Geek Overload

Not sure what this is really worth, but well maps and photography what more can you ask for?

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SebastiĆ£o Salgado

The Kamchatka peninsula is one of the most remote and barren places on earth. In the latest stage of his mammoth Genesis project, photographer SebastiĆ£o Salgado finds an eerie beauty in a land of volcanos and bears.1

Nice images indeed, however why is it that some photographers pay so little attention to the details of their images? Looking at the sky in the background there seems to me to be evidence of poor manipulation, is this by Salgado himself or by a sub-editor or editor of "The Guardian"

To do this correctly would be so simple in photoshop even? The rest of the images are magnificent and worth a look; even "on screen"

Read the interview while you are there too

1From The Guardian

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New Photography & Art Publication

Only 13 days late! A new online magazine worth a look. Art Signal from Spain.

Thanks to Jim Johnson, over at (Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography

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Just because...

the joys of...

...I haven't posted a picture in a while.

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What a good photograph means to me?

As I sit here putting off last minute preparations for Australia's if not the world's first workshop dedicated to mobile phone photography, I want to refer back to yesterday's post. Yesterday, I said:-

"Personally I could care less. For me, photography gets less and less about a good photograph, but more and more about what defines a photograph."

Well thanks to brendadada, one of my flickr friends who pops in here occasionally, I have been thinking a little more about this.

I don't want to waffle on to much about this, but, this idea of what constitutes a good photograph occupies my mind more and more these days. By good I mean an image that conveys something, successfully, anything, but without resorting to anything more than the use of a lens and a light capturing and storing medium. Over my 20 years of using light capturing devices to make images, I've learnt plenty about these device's inability's to capture the world as WE see it. Ansel Adams in part with Zakia, developed the zone system to deal with film and paper's lack of ability to capture ALL light as we see it. I know and appreciate the differences between some lenses and some film/developer combinations amongst other "photographic" issues. Even so when it boils down to it, an mage is an image, and to quote, Steve Edwards

The image supplies little in itself. What counts is its use and the power to fix a particular interpretation of the events, objects or people depicted.*

Image making has now become even more ubiquitous than even George Eastman could have ever imagined when when he coined the phrase, "You press the button we do the rest". Millions and millions of images are made every minute worldwide. These images are adding to a growing stockpile of work. This stock pile means that there is nothing left un-photographed, if there was even anything left to photograph in the 80's when post-modernism pronounced the death of the "Artist."

This then leads me to wonder, can a image made using a lens and a light sensitive material become and anti-photograph, but still retain SOME reference back to a photograph, after all some people are still entranced by the look of photograph and their ability to translate what is placed in front of them, I guess this what I meant by:-
"Personally I could care less. For me, photography gets less and less about a good photograph, but more and more about what defines a photograph."

More to come perhaps after this workshop in Mobile Phone Image making.

*from the

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Terry Lane, over at the Age, is claiming that Photographers better watch out, as Mums armed with DSLRs are taking work away from them. He has a point, but I can think of plenty of Melbourne based photographers who were simply smart business operators with a camera, this is nothing new in the arena of professional portrait photography. In the ever spirally contest to produce the next big look, Pro's have been squabbling for years. The chase for the dollar is getting a little tougher, in the end only the fit survive.

Personally I could care less. For me, photography gets less and less about a good photograph, but more and more about what defines a photograph.

Thank God for my teaching gig eh.

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Politics & Photography

Browsing my news reader app this morning, I found this blog that I'm behind on reading. It is a left leaning discussion of photography. Read it if your sick of kittens sunsets and flower macros.

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Flickr's New Slideshow

Your favorite photos on Flickr

Flickr has re-jigged their slide show, bigger and better, not bad imho.

Check this slide show of my favourites

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After Parr & Eggleston

After, Parr & Eggleston

This local service station is drawing in me in further and further

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Telemarketing Organisations

At last we get to strike back. I managed to register at, Do Not Call Register. So now I need to change the message on our answering machine, but only slightly as Charities, Political Parties & Religious Organisations can still call.

Still I feel a small victory for those who don't want these kinds of calls, especially at dinner time.

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Not sure..

if this guy is lazy or smart? Using photoshop's tools to tweak an image, why not just wait for the right light, hmmm?

Thanks to bart for the headsup

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Contemplating... next move. After yesterday's post regarding what to do, the ONLY digital shots I took were on my mophone, the rest on film. But now after looking through the pool, which I might add is a fair microcosm of what flickr has become, I'm thinking I may not add an image, we'll see what the film turns up?

on the way

time warp

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24 Hours of flickr

I've signed up to this new pool on flickr called 24 hours of flickr.

Today, now not only am I committed to take pictures as much as possible, I am, with lot's of help from Andrew, finishing off moving my website. This means setting up/changing mail, both mine [no biggy] and Nik's [hmm, in the past I've only used/setup pop mail]. And hanging out with my old friend Dan Bacon and his financé, who I am taking to the airport this evening.

nik 'n missi

On the mail front IMAP is a little new to me, but I'm told it's a little more spam resistant. I'm the tech person in this house, so I "just make it work". Nik [seen here on the left] doesn't share my interest or patience with technology.

[posted with ecto]

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Shooting @ Night

ptx k100 07.05 [maps]

Went shooting last night, decided to go the blurry & atmospheric option.

Will return with tripod and black & white film as the concrete in there is a sight to behold.

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More Social Sites!

Thanks to Jayjuice, I was reminded of my lastfm account and little did I know I also had a claimId account.

When will it end?

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Time wasting on the interwebs

So, as if flickr wasn't enough of a time waster, now twitter!

Here's my list of social/sharing sites that I'm involved in

So, as far as I can see, twitter is really for folks who as a flickrnaut recently said, "people who are chained to their computers". My question is then, are any of these sites of any real use in our lives, particularly if your job description does not include working all day everyday on a computer?

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ACMI Exhibition in July

Only midly photography related, however worth a look I feel.

ACMI are having an interesting show in July. An exhibition of Pixar Studio's work

Pixar: 20 Years of Animation is the international exhibition that takes you behind the scenes of the studio that created Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Cars and The Incredibles.

Over 500 sketches, paintings, sculptures and storyboards reveal how Pixar's much-loved characters and worlds are brought to life. In addition to these one-of-a-kind works by artists and sculptors, the exhibition includes spectacular immersive environments and interactive experiences developed by Pixar to extend the magic of their films.

The world's largest exhibition dedicated to the art of animation comes from the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and makes its only Australian appearance at ACMI.

All thanks to upcoming dot org

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