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One of things that I've felt has been so exciting about the internet, is the ability to generate content, by it's users.

This is made all the more easier with sites like flickr, &and, as they partially exist for this reason. This ability then adds a level of power to the process of content creation unseen or heard of; ever. Of course with power comes some responsibility. This is where using the save to delicious link at the bottom of every flickr page comes in.

Assuming you have a delicious account. When you find an image you like, clicking on this link will launch a small window or open a page. This page will then enable you to add this image yo your delicious account, to share with others who use delicious, AND if you add the tag, "photoblog-posts" it can also be found by a site called,, who may then choose to feature this image on their own blog.

It's all about sharing you see.

If you didn't have a delicious account before reading this, I'm going to assume yo now do, here's my delicious account, I have a small network of fellow web users, and they have very kindly shared their links with me.

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