Lost for Words

After a glimpse of a household object caught my eye this morning, I wanted to write something about humour and modern art, but the pull of the glorious sunshine and the list of more important things to do tugs desperately for my attention.

Here's something worth a look, if you're in Melbourne this month. Zephyr Gallery in the Docklands, has a show of photographs Elvis Impersonators. The book and sales of the prints will raise funds for the Mirabel Foundation, the work is by Saville Coble, the show runs from the 1st to the 30th of May. at Zephyr Gallery 60 River Esplanade Docklands Melbourne.

On a personal note I may not get a chance to see the show, as sadly the web site for Zephyr gallery is actual an Ad Agency website, and am unable to garner much more information. The 'Docklands' website has some more information, scroll down to read it.

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