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Oops here's one I nearly forgot to publish.

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So how much impact does the camera of choice have on the way an image is interpreted? Historically one "read" an image made with a 35 mm differently to one made with a 8x10.

Take this image for example.

The lighting is non-descript, there is lot's of digital artefacts and noise and if you view it large on a screen at flickr, you will see all the lens aberrations that are par for the course on these kinds of cameras. How do you read this image then?

Gary Winnogrand was a well know photographer in the 60's and 70's. He is famously quoted for saying, “I photograph things to see what they look like photographed”. This approach forms part of my attitude to using these kinds of cameras to make images.

Of course sometimes I like the documentary approach of folks like, Bernd & Hiller Becher, or Robert Adams, or Joe Deal. Other times I am fascinated by the way the camera can be used to distort the world, into strange and unusual ways, this tool is perfect for that approach.

But the trade-off is limited photographic controls such as aperture and shutter, and selective focus.

More to come… I hope.

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