Inspiration is a funny thing you know, last weekend I was in the Otways, on our Annual PIC student camp. [I have been visiting that region in Victoria now for nearly 20 years.] In that time my ideas and motivations for making images has shifted dramatically.

This weekend just gone I simply shot a series of portraits of the students in one plain simple location. It was a combination of ideas that have been brewing in my head since art school. No attempts at grand landscapes, no studies of light or macros of nature.

It's kinda interesting to think back over those years of lugging around cameras and tripods, of developing film and studying proof-sheets. My output has dropped dramatically, but my signal to noise ratio is higher than it has ever been.

Maybe I'll think out load a little more about this. I'm aiming to have my prints for my 2007 Solo show at the printers, at the VCA, later this week.

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