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March 1, 2007

Beginning of the End?

down the tubes!

So I decided to try and publicise my upcoming Solo Show on the flickr blog. In the past, if you had an upcoming event, adding it to upcoming dot org and notifying the flickr team via e-mail was all that was required to get it added to the front page of the blog. Sometimes you even got sent schwag. Well now it ain't so simple. Inevitable really I guess, flickr has turned into a monster and now that Yahoo owns it, the inevitable corporate language will creep in, along with lengthy delays in getting help. And it's that subtle language that is sending me the signal that things are not what they seemed, well I guess another year and then who knows. It has been a fun 2 1/2 years so far.

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March 2, 2007

On Track

So yesterday I spent some time in VCA's Lab looking at my work on their monitors, with Andrew. Very very happy. Things are moving along nicely. The monitor differences were noticeable enough to come back and do some more tweaking at home, but not so much that I'm feeling swamped by it all.

The monitors they use are quite expensive and very finely calibrated, mine is a good monitor and is probably due for a calibration, I however prefer my monitor, a CRT, over theirs, LCDs. I am now actually getting excited about the show. For a while there in January it was all a bit nerve wracking, particularly in terms of timeframes and workloads, but thanks to Live Picture, things are on track. One day I'll write extensively about the experience of using Live Picture over Photoshop — if both my readers haven't already deduced from my ramblings how easy it is to use, how elegant fast and graceful. Some days however you feel a little guilty spending so little time hammering away at an image, these past few weeks has been just like that.

On an unrelated note, I will be without interwebs for a couple of days this weekend. I may however still be able to post to my Mophone Blog, so if you're interested pop on over there and have a peek, who knows what might turn up?

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March 5, 2007


Inspiration is a funny thing you know, last weekend I was in the Otways, on our Annual PIC student camp. [I have been visiting that region in Victoria now for nearly 20 years.] In that time my ideas and motivations for making images has shifted dramatically.

This weekend just gone I simply shot a series of portraits of the students in one plain simple location. It was a combination of ideas that have been brewing in my head since art school. No attempts at grand landscapes, no studies of light or macros of nature.

It's kinda interesting to think back over those years of lugging around cameras and tripods, of developing film and studying proof-sheets. My output has dropped dramatically, but my signal to noise ratio is higher than it has ever been.

Maybe I'll think out load a little more about this. I'm aiming to have my prints for my 2007 Solo show at the printers, at the VCA, later this week.

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March 6, 2007

Lo-Fi Moments

Am really enjoying the challenges of my mobilephone these days.

//////  \\\\\\

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March 7, 2007

Overseas Exhibition

Elysee - All Photographers Now! (2007-03-01, 2.12PM)

Some interesting news, I submitted some work to an online exhibition, it was exhibited in the space recently, in Switzerland, and I didn't even leave Melbourne.

This is the e-mail I received from the gallery yesterday.

Dear Photographer,
Your image was shown in the Musee de l'Elysee's exhibit β€˜We are all photographers now!’ in the last few days. Enclosed you will find an installation view of your image that shows it in the wall.
The visitors to the exhibit are fascinated by all the different photographs that are being shown from participants like you from all over the world. Thank you again for participating and please feel free to upload more images to the site allphotographersnow.ch.
We also sincerely hope you will visit the museum. The dates of the exhibition β€˜All photographers now!’ are from February 8th, 2007 to May 20th, 2007.
From the team at the Musee de l'Elysee<

So there ya go eh? My first overseas showing.

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Nice Quote

Great quote, by Richard Avedon on portraiture, with reference to Kissinger in particular, thanks to David for the heads up from Kottke's site.

Kind of interesting really as photography has become a powerful medium, that can be exploited by the photographer and the photographed. Many many more people are being smart about it and turning the tables in their favour these days.

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March 9, 2007

Counting Down the Days

Paid the final deposit yesterday, my solo show is signed sealed and delivered. Sadly though the invites have been delayed, but soon, very soon.

More information has come to hand on the opening night, it is on from 4:00pm to 6:00pm, at Trocadero Level 1 119 Hopkins St. Footscray, not unusual I guess in some respects, perhaps a little early, but hey more time to party afterwards.

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March 10, 2007

Exhibition Invites

Don't know why but I was a little surprised to receive a text message yesterday announcing the arrival of the printed invites for my show at Trocadero. Surprised by the text message NOT the announcement.

Anyways, if you want hard copy invitations, I can arrange it to be delivered, I suspect however that a quick visit to the gallery, at Level 1 119 Hopkins St. Footscray, you'll be able to pick up some invites there. In case you have trouble finding the place, you actually enter from Barkly St., not Hopkins.

Contact me if you want a real invite, and I'll do my best to mail them out ASAP. [A word of warning, I'm a terrible at using snail mail, a real snail myself]

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Here They Are


Contact me if you want one.

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March 11, 2007


Just an interesting link today, thanks to 1000 words of flickr fame.

I am dropping the files off at the printers tomorrow, fingers crossed! Tomorrow week I start hanging the work.

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Mophone Musings?

Oops here's one I nearly forgot to publish.

//////  \\\\\\

So how much impact does the camera of choice have on the way an image is interpreted? Historically one "read" an image made with a 35 mm differently to one made with a 8x10.

Take this image for example.

The lighting is non-descript, there is lot's of digital artefacts and noise and if you view it large on a screen at flickr, you will see all the lens aberrations that are par for the course on these kinds of cameras. How do you read this image then?

Gary Winnogrand was a well know photographer in the 60's and 70's. He is famously quoted for saying, “I photograph things to see what they look like photographed”. This approach forms part of my attitude to using these kinds of cameras to make images.

Of course sometimes I like the documentary approach of folks like, Bernd & Hiller Becher, or Robert Adams, or Joe Deal. Other times I am fascinated by the way the camera can be used to distort the world, into strange and unusual ways, this tool is perfect for that approach.

But the trade-off is limited photographic controls such as aperture and shutter, and selective focus.

More to come… I hope.

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March 12, 2007

Phreaky Flickr?

Check this flickr set out, I challenge you to get beyond the 2nd page.

Puts my time is a construct series i ii iii iv & v to shame.

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March 13, 2007

Lo-Fi cont'd

fidama 24.02.07

So again here's a low-rez, lo-fi image, of indeterminate subject matter, other than that one may have a vague idea that it is probably a photograph, there are no real indicators of what it is either way.

Does this a) make it a worthwhile object of contemplation, or b) yet another piece of detritus in the ever growing heap that is digital image making?

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March 14, 2007

Absence of Light?

Nice work all shot at night

Even darker

My kind of article

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March 15, 2007




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March 16, 2007



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March 17, 2007

Rising Stars

According to PDN these are 30 upcoming and photographers, to keep an eye on.

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I managed to get a second image in the, Musee de l'Elysee's exhibition in Switzerland, "We are all Photographers Now".

Elysee - All Photographers Now! (2007-03-10, 2.36PM).jpg

See the image I submitted,on Flickr, better still see the real thing on the Wall at Trocadero Artspace, Level 1, 119 Hopkins St. Footscray, from the 22nd of March to the 7th of April, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm Wednesday to Saturday.

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March 18, 2007


Is slowly resuming. While the prints for my solo show lay here in my study all rolled up, ready to hang, I figured I'd share some tips on photoshop. This process is remarkably similar to a wet darkroom context, fwiw.

What all this really means is another of my photoshop workshops, is on the horizon.

lomo 1/6

Here is the original 16 bit scan, unadjusted. [I prefer to adjust post scanning, not that Silverfast isn't a good scanning package, I just prefer to work at home, whereas the scanner is at work.]

This is obviously nowhere near the original photograph, in terms of colour, density, and contrast.

The first thing then is, adjust the available data to see what the image looks like. A small aside here, if I may, I will be editing in 16 bits to minimise loss of data throughout the process, as Photoshop is a pixel editing application, and it destroys pixels in the process of editing, I'm told in part because of something called a rounding error.

Anyway my first move is to examine then if needed, adjust the levels on the image.

A note here, I always adjust each channel individually, the red, the green, and the blue. I adjust by pulling the black sliders inwards and the white slider inwards, if there are gaps.

Holga levels red

no gaps here?

Holga levels green

no gaps here?

Holga levels blue

no gaps here?

Interestingly enough, these histograms confirm the poor exposure I would expect from a camera such as a Holga. What to do then, as normally I would drag in these sliders hit OK and move on to the next part of the workflow.

Adjustment layers to the rescue.

Holga 2/6

By adding an adjustment layer to the mix I can now, non-destructively make modifications to my image.

In this instance I have used curves, to darken the image, particularly in the middle values.

All good and dandy, but it's got a ways to go yet. I can now see the image and start to think about how I want it to be perceived.

The image still seems a little cool?

Holga 3/6

Again I'l use an adjustment layer, this time colour balance.

The colours are cool, generally speaking, but I can tell without using the info palette and the eye dropper tool, this is a Cyan colour cast mainly in the mid-tones and highlights. A quick application of these adjustments and it's now starting to resemble a more realistic interpretation of the scene.

Note I'm not going to even begin to talk colour and it's emotional impact to this image.

Holga 4/6

Not only am I going to use an Adjustment Layer, but also, I am going to paint on that mask to reveal and hide at a local level the colours I want to emphasise.

The last stage of the basic adjustments.

Holga 6/6

Personally I want a little more punch to this image to add some more grunge to an overall post-punk kind of scene, so my last adjustment layer will be a curves layer and this time I'll simply pull the shadows in and the the highlights across by about one square, on a 10 square dialog, and bang the image is now ready for some serious contemplation and tweaking.

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March 20, 2007

Exhibition Catalogue

Here is my exhibition catalogue for "...across the river styx", if either of my readers wish to download it. A pdf file, 1.2 meg.

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March 21, 2007



...bar the shouting.

It took a mere 3½ hours, but would have been impossible without Marcus & Nikki. [Thanks guys, once again I'm indebted to you.]

The first one is always the longest and the hardest, the rest took, a fraction of the time. The hardest decision all night was which print goes where?

Compare it to the empty space.


Those are prints on the floor weighted down to flatten them after 4 days in a tube.

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March 22, 2007


Usage Statistics for s2art.polydistortion.net - March 2007

Checking my stats for this blog the other day, and I was flabbergasted to see these 2 browsers even register on the radar!

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March 25, 2007

Thanks to all

eliza chris & crowd

Well what a great night, thanks to all who popped in and said hello, my head's a little sore this morning, but it was worth it, afterwards several of us went to eat a meal and then on to FAD gallery in town.

Apologies if I didn't get to speak to you, even I was overwhelmed at times!

Now that it is all over and done with, and as I sit here in Melbourne's glorious winter light, I'm contemplating my next move.

One move is this body of work, tentatively entitled "maps" which, is still growing and being expanded upon, whether it will be ready for my next show remains to be seen, do I even want to exhibit it traditionally? A book of work has long held an appeal for me and in this day and age of dtp and online publishing tools , it seems more than realistic, to make a book, or publish it as a website.

Another option is an upcoming staff show, historically, the staff at pic have occasional group shows of their work, I'm hoping this year will be one of them.

Before I get to carried away, I guess I'd best catchup on my film processing, now sitting at 6 rolls of 120.

∗ For either of my readers who may care, I've been archiving my exhibitions on my static website since the late 90's

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March 27, 2007


I'm going to go grey for a few days, with the lead up to the end of term I still seem to be busier than I'd like.


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March 28, 2007

Kind of silvery Grey


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March 29, 2007

Textured Grey


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March 30, 2007



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March 31, 2007


Basalt Plains, west of Melbourne Australia

As I am on term break from one of the schools I work at, things may hot up here for a while. My solo show, at Trocadero comes down on the 7th, so if you haven't had a chance to see it, check it out, the prints are something to be seen, even I was impressed when they finally hit the wall. The next body of work is forming well, and I've a couple of small projects in mind in the interim. But other than catching up on some shooting and film processing things are otherwise quiet. Also I recently found an awesome location and plan on shooting out there over the next week or two.

Meanwhile here's an interesting article written by, Wayne J. Cosshall, it rather succinctly sums up an aspect of what photography both digital and analogue is really about, for me anyways. Lets' see what the crew in the Melbourne Flickr pool have to say about it?

My online experiment in photo publishing is trundling along well, after a couple of hiccups a week or so ago. Occasionally, I have a little trouble choosing images, which is part of the experiment, and usually more driven by me simply commuting to and from work and not really being attuned to my surrounds and the light notice anything worth capturing, and therefore not having enough images to choose from despite me upgrading to a 512 mg card for the phone camera.

While we are on photo-blogging. I am trying to locate a photographer, who, used to post to Usenet, low rez b&w on a regular basis. I've had a bit of a dig around using 'Unison' [a neato little app if I may say so] and have had no luck in there, [given the wild west nature of Usenet, I need to be careful where I look], so if either of my readers remembers this person can they send me the name of the group they posted too?

I have 2 friends who are who will be in a position to use the interwebs for news from distant places, looking forward to what Thomask sends back from his trip OS, and what Gayle and I manages to upload, Thomask will be in a highly technologically advanced culture,[so I'm lead to believe] and Gayle and I will be in a place where the internet is scarce and expensive [I think?].

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