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Must see exhibition.

Fashion Face: Fashion photography by Robyn Beeche 1979-1989
2 March - 21 April 2007.

Based in London throughout the 80's, Australian photographer Robyn Beeche's photographic style moved from the realm of straight fashion photography into that of high art, melding make-up and costuming to create fantastical tableaux and exotic narratives. [Image above left: Robyn Beeche, Arrows, 1979] from the R.M.I.T website.

The sentence that really caught my eye however only appears in the printed material that hit my desk yesterday.

Long before the era of Photoshop, Beeche was pioneering a technique of photography that used extensive make-up, body-paint, props, and costume to create elaborate tableaux

I wonder what Adobe thinks about the idea of pre-photoshop? I'm lead to believe that that they discourage the use of the term "photoshop" as an adjective. How has photography's perception changed since the introduction of Photoshop? I still have an article at home somewhere from 'The Age' many years ago that looked at what photoshop was capable of.

Photography @ Wikipedia, they now have a photography portal [not sure how long though?], a long time ago I wrote something about photography in there, can't remember what though? One day I'll write something about modernism and fine art photography.

Interesting camera, for those wanting to see beyond the visible spectrum.

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