I'm beta testing this application Skitch, very nice indeed, simple intuitive, easy to work out, certainly not a high end graphics application, but more than suitable for most folks. Thanks to Atariboy for the invitation to test.

Useful for quick screen grabs or sketches that you need to e-mail, or use online somewhere. I guess given that I'm back at work as of tomorrow, this will come in handy in classes for sure and for working with peers.

It has the expected suite of tools for painting and drawing, a text tool and eraser tool, a small colour palette and the ability to capture a screen or a series of screens. They can then be either posted online, e-mailed or dragged and dropped in a variety of file formats. Archiving is a neat feature as well, I'm going to explore that further over the coming weeks, to see how I can better use this. Simple and useful tool for sure, especially when tied in with iView Media Pro and VoodooPad Pro.

On the exhibition front,things are all on track, just saving up for the huge hole about to be made in the credit cards when I get the images printed.

The second batch of A3 proofs looks pretty good. The profile I used was ok, out of the box, I haven't tested it exclusively yet, I'll maybe do some more testing over the coming weeks. I also think I need to consider different paper stocks, I used 5 year old paper made by Epson, and I know that the, variety and choices of paper stocks out there is mind boggling. Someone once told me that digital would see the re-introduction of choices only heard of in photography before WWII, when trade secrets started locking away all sorts of formulas and ideas. One can only hope, because I have to admit, the idea of making these prints though a service bureau is not filling me with joy, if I was to print them myself, either as analogue or digital prints I would feel far more comfortable about where they are heading, in terms of cost and final appearance.

Finally blogger is playing up this morning, so I have yet to upload my mobile phone shot for the day, one more go later, if no good this will make the 2nd day I've missed.

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