I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry... Or...

...or, “ There's only one thing worse than being talked about and that's NOT being talked about.”

According to the Age, the public are getting on on the act of the Paparazzi by using their mobile phones to snap Celebrities in action on the streets.

"The paparazzi are now everywhere," declares The Sunday Times, reporting on a new British photo agency called Scoopt.com that deals in camera-phone snaps of celebrities picking their noses and otherwise trying to get on with their lives.

I have mixed feelings about this. Do celebrities have the right to privacy or would they rather be ignored?

If they have hit the big time and are milking the gravy train then why shouldn't some humble Jane or Joe, cash in on it as well?

Fame, or is that infamy, in the 21st century is a complicated thing, something sought by many, look at Big Brother for example and Australian Idol, yet lasting fame is not easy to achieve, who were the others who didn't win the first BB in 2000 for example?


Personally I enjoy my mobile phone's camera for the creative potential it offers me, if I try and make a portrait with it for example, I'm usually upfront and people I point it at are aware of it's limitations and act accordingly. The whole reason I use it for portraiture. The ability to quickly and easily record fleeting moments is also a bonus for me, coupled with it's limitations in exposure and focus and D.O.F, I'm more than happy to admit that rarely a masterpiece will come from it. But there is still something intriguing about an image made this way.

Creative ideas aside, it has the potential to become a real cultural issue.

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