Fucking Funny Quotes

Number 002.0945, Comes from Humphrey B. Flaubert, of T.I.S.M

"The answer that makes me sound good is that we desired to circumvent the cult of personality that is inherent in rock music by choosing to remain anonymous. Unlike every other band in rock we chose to be anonymous. The answer that makes me sound good would probably also incorporate some lengthy discussion about Brechtian alienation techniques, about our post modernist grasp of ever cooling universe, and a dehumanizing society encapsulated in the somewhat paramilitary aspect of our clothing. All of those things would make me sound good, but actually we’re really boring guys.

God I love those guys!

Whoever wrote the Wiki entry knows plenty about them too, actually the style of the entry suggests, it is written by one of the band members.

A big thanks to digiboy for the heads-up, good luck in your search for their music, I've stumbled on some rarities in my travels, which you are more than welcome to. It's nice to see someone interested in them and poking around on the net looking for them, I know of at least one mailing list that exists, but whew it was hard work and I have long since moved from mailing lists to news feeds as a source of info.

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