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August 16, 2006

the first?

So a big heartfelt thanks to Andrew, for setting me up here with this new blog.

This entry is currently being written using the web interface of Movable Type, wil soon switch to Mars Edit for future editing and uploads.

Now just gotta fix this template up?

The Second?

Second entry, can't get MarsEdit to work, it seems the server isn't repsonding?

Pull up a chair

red leather

Pull up a chair sit back and relax as I waffle on some more on this new blog.

August 17, 2006

Photographic Memes

So, in the nealry 2 years I've been involved with flickr I've seen several memes come and go, the current one HDR, sadly shows no sigh of abatting. The newest kid on the block on the other hand, is "Through the viewfinder". Some interesting results, and a nice idea that if elegantly applied could produce some great results. Even Kottke is waxing lyrical about it the idea of digitally capturing a scene though an old camera.

Some flickr clusters on the matter.

Lazarus Returns

My Nikon is back from the shop. Whilst it was there they found a secondary problem that I thought was due to 3rd party hardware.
The original USB cable that came with the camera lasted all of 12 months and 1 day. The cheap 3rd party one I bought to replace it didn't last long either. Well now it seems it wasn't the cable after all so maybe i'll download camera to computer more often now? We'll see?

Off We Go

I'm back here's the test shot that Camera Clinic took to check my camera after repairing it.
Look closely at the large file on flickr.
You will see the chromatic abberations, particularly on the top left side of the shot.
Even when shot as a raw I would expet not much more than a 12 x 16 print from this camera.

August 18, 2006

More Questions?

So a while back on my old blog, I asked a question. I received several reponses, and thank you.

The question itself was actually taken from an essay by Henry Holmes Smith, who was an advocate of photographic education, with an emphasis on teaching people to read photographs.

Anyway, I think in all fairness I will expand on the question, and also ask another.

First the new question.

If there are two types of photographers in the world, one whose work could be described as a mirror, the other a window, which are you?

Secondly the original question was taken from an idea in the original essay, titled "The photograph and it's readers, 1953." In it He lists 4 constants that could be used as guides for reading a photograph. Number 3 of these constants reads and I quote,

"The immense respect with which the great photographers regard the natural, the real, and the exact."

So has your answer changed?

And if so why?

Henry Holmes Smith Collected Writings 1935 - 1985. Pub Center for Creative Photography University of Arizona 1986 ISBN 0938262084

August 19, 2006

Yet Another Web 2.0 Toy

My account at
bbqs2art's Profile Page

Back in Action

August 23, 2006

Social Glue

A new set has emerged from the depths of my archives, again thanks to the application, iView Media Pro.

Several are sitting on the back burner awaiting processing, and at this stage I would argue that I haven't dug that deep really. I have 4 or so years of archives from one camera, plus the ever expanding current catalogues for my recently resurrected Nikon Coolpix 5400.

You know in some ways flickr is to blame, I trawl though the photos of the people I have listed as contacts, I trawl through several of the groups I submit to and they all jog my memory of places and times where I have photographed in the past of similar ideas, memories and experiences, and it's now slowly starting to dawn on me how and why photography has become such a powerful social glue, such a powerful social and cultural activity.

Stay tuned, it's hump day here and time to sit reflect and write may yet be a day or two away.

August 24, 2006

Worlds Apart

tale of 2 cities kinda?
Here's the rough scan from the roll of colour neg 120 sent to me by Jakes World, from the USA.

Still processing the final scans, 4 in total, will upload in the next few days. This is part of the Tale of 2 Cities pool/project. A great idea where chance meets intention, one photographer somewhere in the world shoots a roll of film, it is then sent on to another photographer somewhere else in the world, who rewinds the film, if it is 120, and runs it through a camera in their own city. Resulting in a roll of film that has been double exposed, with 2 sets of images worlds apart. Creating some surreal and wierd results. I am suitbaly impressed by the registration of the two shoots. The alignment of the shots is impressive given that we both used holga cameras. The randomness is intriguing it would be interesting to try and print a couple of them up to see the results.

Famous Photographer Dies

SAN FRANCISCO - Photographer Joe Rosenthal, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his immortal image of six World War II servicemen raising an American flag over battle-scarred Iwo Jima, died Sunday. He was 94.

Rosenthal died of natural causes at an assisted living facility in the San Francisco suburb of Novato, said his daughter, Anne Rosenthal.


August 25, 2006



August 27, 2006

North Carlton's Lanes

pockets hole or zip?
Returned to the lanes in the North Carlton area recently, a gold mine of material, texture shapes and forms.

Met a chap who was adamant that the problem with image size and CCD's was the software not the the acutal CCD's themselves. He claimed it was possible to make a program convert a square to anything you wanted, ergo, square pixels become round. I think he didn't understand how CCD's work.

August 29, 2006

Light 'n Texture

More from a recent wander down the lanes of north Carlton

Web Based Photo-Memes

Yet another meme from, flickr, this time a somewhat useful one, geotagging.

I like to geotag my work sometimes it is an interesting way to add another dimension to my work, not that is ever really about geographic location.

Sometimes my work is a mirror other times it is a window.


Not Quite Thong Season.....

...but TISM is on the stereo/iPod, and the beer is cool, and, it's only 3 weeks to end of the term.

don't let the stubbie cooler fool you [you can get it, teachin' a class...]

August 30, 2006



More shots from the North Carlton Laneway over the weekend

August 31, 2006

Woo Hoo

Once again, a big thanks to Andrew for helping me fix a problem or two here on my blog.

Now I can post from my favourite blog editor MarsEdit, a piece of software developed by Newsgator

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